People keep asking me..

Yes, I am well aware this group of people are posting my content in snippets on a forum out of context, and are faking a lot of posts as well.

They also do not realize that I am Not my pen name and a made up character, just as other nicknames. Some true stories, and untrue stories.. as they are loosely based on my life experiences, or dreams..

Those who really know me can know the difference between the character, and the real person.

I am a creative writer story teller…
One name is a group of compilations and collection of my works.
My pen name and my nickname as well as characters,
it is sad to see, that some people can not see the difference.

My Faith is my personal spiritual culture… and heritage I only have a website about it so I do not have to take over an entire chat room or forum explaining it…only to those who approach me… religion and spirituality is personal.

So, Yes.. people who do not know me.. will mock my work, mock my religion, mock my music, mock my expressions, mock my jokes, mock my experiences…. As such that many humans do when they are to immature to try to process something that is unique or different… or just would have an internal system meltdown if they tried…

Maybe, one day people will grow up and stop harassing people who they do not understand.. until then…I wish them all the best, and hope they get passed wasting their time on focusing on me, and focus on more meaningful things in life. Like their own family, their children, their jobs, their pets… etc..


Hey, all. It’s Dana Just saying hey!


Hey, all its Dana, just saying hey!.. Many have wondered about me through the years.

I am doing very well, enjoying my secluded life as usual. Enjoying the nice weather in the marshland, and playing with the kitties, keeping to myself as usual. As well as helping family out every now and then. You do not hear of me much as I wish to remain uncontacted and live my secluded life.

Do not try to call me, no listed phone number is accurate.
Do not try to snail mail me, it goes to the fire.
Use this blog’s contact form to contact me.

  • Dana Ludeking.